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Joseph Alan Fears & Zafaja Live At Heart Of Dixie Club
Posted By: Joseph Alan Fears on October 08, 2019

Born in Nebraska in Late 1950s, Joseph Alan fears began a musical Journey As A Very Young Kid ,at Age 4 he Had Learned To Play The Guitar ,And By 5yrs Old He Was Playing The Drums, Mostly Learning "Blues Songs .

He Started His Musicial career in 1968, At age 12 Joseph began as a bass guitar player & singer, performing with various well known R&B bands . From 1970-1974 joseph performed with a band called "Kool-Sat & the Second Breeze" and recorded There first song "How Does it Feel", although, the song was written by all of the band members-Albert Whitaker(drums) Mythias Wright(guitar & vocals) & Micheal Jackson(organ). - while Living In Kansas.
Back in 1970, Joseph was the first to join (bmi) & copyright the tune in 1976. In 1978 Joseph began recording his own songs on his own record labels(Jaff records(USA). He released' Picture of Love" in 1985 “Some Things Never Change" in 1987, “Back Where I Belong" in 1994 “Urban Traffic Jazz" in 1998, “Creations" in 2000, “Himisfears" in 2001, “Layin it on the Line" in 1988, "Flavorizum" in 2000, “The prophet” in 2002, “Lady" in 2003, “Don't Step on my Blues" in 2004, “Zafaja band live featuring Joseph Alan Fears" in 2005. In 2008 he released the cd" Retroperspectives", in 2009 "Never Gonna Fall Again" and “All By Myself" followed in 2010. "Live at Oakdale Park" was released in 2011 and "Tap Out That Jazz" in 2012.
Joseph Alan Fears has also released a new-side cd titled “Notes unspoken" witch hales some super jazzygroove instrumenal songs .
In 2013 Its The R&B/Jazz CD/Project "Zafaja" Featuring Joseph Alan fears" Live At The Blue Goat -It features Several Live recording of Joseph & The Band In Concert Like" The Song"Picture Of Love", "Must Be Something In The Water", "I Told You So", Something's Wrong", And Others. You Can Find Most On This website Or by Going Spotify, Itunes, Rhapsody, And Several Other Major Music Distributors On Line. So Now Today ? Joseph Alan Fears performs His Original Songs With His Band"Zafaja" And Continues To Travel Where ever The Music takes Him, Based On His fan base Joseph has Presented His Music To More Than 20 Countries & All Over The USA. To Contact Him? Just Look On Youtube, Itunes, Amaozon, Spotify, Billboard, or reverbnation, And Probably Any Other Major Music Digital Distributor On The Internet. 2015 Has The new CDs ' "Gettin Better All The Time" & Touchin" First Bass" -The Easy Side Of Me" Available In July . It When Finished, Will Introduce Joseph's Neo Jazz & R&B Music Styles To His Music Fans, Look For It & watch For Joseph Alan Fears Live - Comming To Your City Soon. In 2016 Joseph Alan Fears Has Released A New Smoothjazz CD" titled"IT"S SUNNY (But It"s Still Too Hot) witch you can hear on myspace, itunes,amazon, and spotify. Joseph Alan Fears I Currently Performing Live In USA and Can Be Seen Every Third Satudaynight At Ad Astoria Coffee Shop In His Hometown Performing At The "OPEN JAM" For Bookings In Your Area Or To Find Out More ? Contact JAFF RECORD LABELS USA P.O. BOX 3134 Salina,Kansas 67402-3134 USA Or Just "Google" Joseph Alan Fears…

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