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Katara Kemp Katara Kemp
Fayetteville State University
Class of 2025
Ania Carmichael Ania Carmichael
Tuskegee University
Business Administration
Class of 2027
Isha Williams Isha Williams
Wesleyan College
International Business
Class of 2006
Jordan Beaver Jordan Beaver
- College Not Listed -
Graphic Art
Class of
Corey James Corey James
Howard University
Sport and Leisure Studies
Class of 2028
Mekhi Williams Mekhi Williams
Tuskegee University
Business Administration
Class of 2028
Jade Noble Jade Noble
Monroe College
Class of 2024
Astosia Reardon Astosia Reardon
American Univ
Business Administration
Class of 2023
Oluwaseun Arogundade Oluwaseun Arogundade
Other College...
Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2011
Ashanti Mitchell Ashanti Mitchell
Tennessee State University
Class of 2022

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Brandi Shine
 Brandi Shine (2010)
Angela Thompson
 Angela Thompson (2002)
Lexis Stewart
 Lexis Stewart (2018)
Alyssa Wilson
 Alyssa Wilson (2008)
sade T
 sade T (2009)
Tawana Irvin
 Tawana Irvin (2008)
Levern Williams
 Levern Williams (2008)
zalika tyson
 zalika tyson (2009)
 Cameron (2006)
pierre ifill
 pierre ifill (2011)
Ciera James
 Ciera James (2010)
Andrew J Turner
 Andrew J Turner (2008)
Brandi Hilliard
 Brandi Hilliard (2022)
Ondrea Anderson
 Ondrea Anderson (2006)
Lorenzo Dildy
 Lorenzo Dildy (2011)
Darnell Walker
 Darnell Walker (2005)
Lateya James
 Lateya James (2009)
Matawal Namang
 Matawal Namang (2020)

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