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Carlos  Peters Carlos Peters
Jackson State University
Physical Education
Class of 1993
Jasmine Dolcine Jasmine Dolcine
CUNY -Hunter College
Class of 2018
Deshay Cunningham Deshay Cunningham
North Carolina A&T State University
Computer Hardware Engineering
Class of 2022
Davion Green Davion Green
Claflin University
Computer Software Engineering
Class of 2023
Rebekah  Jackson Rebekah Jackson
Lincoln University -Missouri
Class of 2022
Jerome Walker Jerome Walker
- College Not Listed -
Criminal Justice
Class of 2005
Rick Canie Rick Canie
Florida A&M University
Class of 1984
Tamara Hill Tamara Hill
Jackson State University
English Literature
Class of 1994
Devin Moody Devin Moody
Langston University
Business Communications
Class of 2024
Kel Young Kel Young
Jackson State University
Sport and Leisure Studies
Class of 2021

HBCU Scholarships

HBCU Scholarships


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Brian Ashley
 Brian Ashley (2016)
Jada  Haynes
 Jada Haynes (2017)
Petrina Collins
 Petrina Collins (2023)
Shelia Bowers
 Shelia Bowers (2009)
Saundra Linen
 Saundra Linen (1976)
Samuel Chandler
 Samuel Chandler (2000)
Phillip Reagan
 Phillip Reagan (2012)
celestine scott
 celestine scott (1991)
Ronney Harris
 Ronney Harris (2009)
Laura Jones
 Laura Jones (1996)
Feliece Turner
 Feliece Turner (2009)
cigi wilson
 cigi wilson (2012)
 Terri KIMBROUGH (2019)
Imani Craft
 Imani Craft (2012)
rebeeca jonson
 rebeeca jonson (2010)
Marissa McGuire
 Marissa McGuire (2018)
Craig Owens
 Craig Owens (2006)
Shareka Ferris
 Shareka Ferris (2012)
Alexis Graham
 Alexis Graham (2006)
Wilonda Thornton
 Wilonda Thornton (2010)
Isis Rose
 Isis Rose (2012)
Tiara Willis
 Tiara Willis (2010)

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